More Than Flying

The founding of our first civil aviation company Aeroput 80 years ago paved the way in 1947 for founding Yugoslav Airlines – JAT, which tradition is now being maintained by Jat Airways. This important anniversary created an opportunity to evoke the fact that civil aviation has from modest pioneering attempts in the past decades evolved into a complex and irreplaceable transportation system indispensable to the emergence and development of modern-day civilization. It is also an established fact that a number of our airmen have made major contributions in this respect.

Taking up this task, we had two goals in mind. Firstly, we wanted, as much as circumstances permitted, to explore and draw on fresh historical sources and other documentation on the naissance and development of civil aviation and JAT. Secondly, we endeavored to put forth in a chronological order the already known as well as new facts, photographs and other entries in as accurate as possible a manner. Regrettably, there was insufficient time for more extensive research. Also, the limited volume of the book precluded our presentation of all the events and persons relevant to the history of our civil aviation.

Some basic information on the birth and development of the civil aviation authorities and corresponding legislation, on the infrastructure of our air transportation system as well as on a smaller number of companies with which Aeroput and JAT have cooperated have also been included.
The first part of the book was written by a historian, and the more recent events by a chronicler-journalist.


The content is given only a small number of timelines and related articles …

1913 – 1926 The Birth of Civil Aviation

  • February 18, 1913 „Decree on Transport Contraptions that Move in the Air“ adopted in Serbia
  • October 13, 1919 Convention on Regulation of International Peace-Time Air Navigation Adopted
  • March 25, 1923 Opening Civil Aviation in Kingdom of the SCS
  • 1923 Construction of Airport near Belgrade Begins
  • February 6, 1926 Domestic Civil Aviation Society Founding Committee Formed

1927 – 1941 Aeroput – Society for Civil Aviation

  • March 25, 1927 Belgrade Airport Opened
  • April 20-May 2, 1927 Sondermajer and Bajdak Fly to India
  • October 7, 1929 Aeroput First International Flight
  • March 22, 1931 Aeroput Introduces Air Taxi Service
  • August 2, 1931 Belgrade Airport Terminal Blessed on St. Ely’s Day, the Slava (Patron Saint Day) of Airmen

1944 – 1962 Renewal and Development of Air Traffic

  • September 21, 1944 Preparations for Renewing Air Traffic Begin
  • February 22, 1946 Civil Aviation Central Administration Formed
  • April 1, 1947 JAT-Marked Aircraft
  • 1947 JAT – First Season
  • 1951 JAT Multiplies International Routes
  • 1956 and 1957 Restoring Traffic with East European Countries
  • April 28, 1962 New International Airport Opens in Belgrade

1963 – 1989 Yugoslav Airlines’ Period of Ascent

  • January 21, 1963 First JAT Caravelle Lands in Belgrade
  • May 1965 First International Cargo Routes
  • May 15, 1969 Middle East, Northern Africa Bound
  • July 31, 1969 Founding Air Yugoslavia and Charter Traffic Expansion
  • 1969-1970 Introduction of Intercontinental Traffic
  • November 10-29, 1974 First Time around the World with JAT
  • December 12, 1978 First DC-10-30 – „Nikola Tesla“ – Arrives
  • 1989 One Step behind Previous Year’s Record

1990 – 2007 Time of Crisis

  • May 21, 1992 JAT Prepares for Sanctions
  • May 30, 1992 Sanctions Imposed against FR Yugoslavia
  • Autumn 1993 Outlining the New JAT
  • September/October 1994 Catching Up with the World
  • Late 1996 Montenegro Airlines Formed
  • March 23, 1999 NATO Aggression against Serbia and Montenegro
  • September 11, 2001 Terrorism and World Aviation
  • October 2, 2002 JAT Restructuring Begins, Su-Port Formed
  • October 16, 2003 Serbia and Montenegro Civil Aviation Directorate Formed
  • February 2005 Government Decrees Removal of some Divisions from JAT
  • 2006 Jat Airways Records Positive Business Results
  • 2007 Jat Airways in the Year of the Big Jubilee



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